Smoky Mountain and East TN Tailwater Dry Flies   

                          Hugh has been studying local water insects for many years in the streams and rivers. He has endeavored to reproduce each one exactly as he has seen them on each stream.
Through trial and error, these flies have been developed into some of the finest reproductions that you can buy.

                               The time of the year has arrived to restock all of your fly boxes for 2015. Let us help you with your needs for the mountain streams or the tailwaters.
 Trust us for  the best selection of flies to be  found in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Pricing: All flies are now $5.00 each

Shipping will be $3.00 per box. 


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DSCN1359.jpg (74224 bytes)





Matched Quill BWO Dun
(new for 2008)





Rubberlegged Stimulator (2).jpg (118400 bytes)

DSCN1290.jpg (126739 bytes)

DSCN1344.jpg (100099 bytes)

DSCN1350.jpg (125103 bytes)

DSCN1352.jpg (125532 bytes)

Rubberlegged Stimulator
(new for 2007)
Tan Wulff
Premium fly
(new for 2008)
Elegant Quill Gordon
(new for 2008)

Hi Vis Thunderhead
(new for 2008)

Hi Vis Thunderhead
(new for 2008)

Brookie Stim 002.jpg (59025 bytes)

Blue Klink.jpg (57219 bytes)

Blackbird Klinkhammer 001.jpg (60681 bytes)

Beaverdam Green Drake 002.jpg (60915 bytes)

Golden Coachman (2).jpg (108371 bytes)

Brookie Fly Stimulator #22
(new for 2007)
Blue Kink
(new for 2007)
Blackbird Klinkhammer
(new for 2007)
Beaverdam Green Drake
(new for 2007)
Golden Coachman
(new for 2007)

new start 007.jpg (117659 bytes)

new start 003.jpg (94679 bytes)

new start 001.jpg (119990 bytes)

new start 005.jpg (118275 bytes)

Foam Cricket Blackbird Stimulator
(new for 2007)
Thunderhead Stimulator
(new for 2007)
Brown Stone Stimulator
(new for 2007)
Yallarhammer Stimulator
(new for 2007)

Hi Vis Foam Ant
(new for 2006)
Foam Yellow Jacket
(new for 2006)
Hi Vis Foam Beetle- No. 1
(new for 2006)
Hi Vis Foam Beetle- No. 2
(new for 2006)

Hi Vis Foam Beetle No.3
(new for 2006)

Para CDC March Brown 001.jpg (94783 bytes)

Parachute Cree Thunderhead

CDC Foam Little Yellow Sally 002.jpg (78859 bytes)

CDC and Elk October Caddis 001.jpg (150801 bytes)

Para CDC March Brown 002.jpg (66411 bytes)






Para CDC Quill Gordon
( new for 2006)

Parachute Cree Thunderhead 
(new for 2006)

CDC Foam Little Yellow Sally
( new for 2006)
CDC and Elk October Caddis
(new for 2006)
Para CDC March Brown
(new for 2006)

Lady Blackbird.jpg (61793 bytes)

Blue Dun.jpg (72107 bytes)

Hi Floater March Brown 002.jpg (107468 bytes)

Top Ride Hendrickson 001.jpg (104851 bytes)

March Brown.jpg (9984 bytes)

   Lady Blackbird
(new for 2005)

(Price is $2.00 each)

Blue Dun
(New for 2005)

High Floater March Brown 

Top Ride Hendrickson

March Brown

Ginger Quill.jpg (67860 bytes)

Ginger Quill_Another view.jpg (72380 bytes)

Smoky Mountain Forked Tail.jpg (92117 bytes)

Cree CaHill.jpg (60676 bytes)

Little River Light CaHill.jpg (70495 bytes)

Ginger Quill

Ginger Quill
(Another View)

Smoky Mountain Forked Tail

Cree CaHill

Little River Light CaHill

HiRider Quill Gordon

Enhanced Quill Gordon.jpg (71632 bytes)

Red Quill.jpg (46483 bytes)

Sulfur Comparadun.jpg (55481 bytes)

Royal Wulff HiRyder Gordon Quill Gordon Red Quill Sulfur Comparadun

Female Egglayer Hendrickson 001.jpg (80598 bytes)

Hendrickson.jpg (108571 bytes)

PH 002.jpg (80709 bytes)

Female Adams.jpg (71568 bytes)

South Holston River Sulfur.jpg (7150 bytes)

Female Egglayer Hendrickson

Hendrickson Pink Hendrickson Female Adams South Holston River Sulfur

Parachute Adams.jpg (9113 bytes)

Parachute Light CaHill.jpg (9102 bytes)

Parachute Ginger Quill.jpg (7573 bytes)

Camp Creek Giant Yellow Mayfly.jpg (9636 bytes)

DSCN1323.jpg (114915 bytes)

Parachute Adams Parachute Light CaHill Parachute Ginger Quill Camp Creek Giant Yellow Mayfly Thunderhead

South Holston BWO.jpg (7892 bytes)

Holston River Tan Caddis.jpg (8279 bytes)

Beebo's Sulfur Emerger.jpg (50919 bytes)

Gaudy Gallore.jpg (37037 bytes)

Para Giant Golden Stonefly.jpg (107273 bytes)

South Holston BWO

Holston River Tan Caddis Beebo's Sulfur Emerger Gaudy Gallore
Para Giant Golden Stonefly
Olive Quill Body_1.jpg (99012 bytes) Olive Quill Body_2.jpg (101382 bytes) Extended Body Coffinfly.jpg (83888 bytes) OrangeTwist.jpg (101989 bytes) Yallarhammer.jpg (93433 bytes)
Olive Quill Body_1 Olive Quill Body_2 Extended Body Coffinfly Orange Twist
Little Green Stonefly 003.jpg (66091 bytes) Smoky Mountain Blackbird Softhackle.jpg (49825 bytes) Stimulator.jpg (73382 bytes) South Holston Sulfur HairWing Dun.jpg (72180 bytes)
Little Green Stonefly
(new for 2005)
Golden Drake Wulff Smoky Mountain 
Blackbird Softhackle
Premium fly
Stimulator South Holston Sulfur
        Hair Wing Dun         
Griffiths Gnat.jpg (67317 bytes) Joe's Hopper.jpg (65139 bytes) South Holston River Sulfur Humpy.jpg (89805 bytes)

Little Black Winter Stone Dry.jpg (68066 bytes)

Griffith's Gnat Joe's Hopper South Holston River Sulfur Humpy Little Black Winter 
Stone Dry 
(new for 2005)
Black Quill
Parachute Green Drake.jpg (68279 bytes) Gray Hackle Yellow.jpg (70107 bytes) Little River Yellow Sally.jpg (8282 bytes) Holston River Crane Fly.jpg (89379 bytes) Camp Creek Golden Drake.jpg (67451 bytes)
  Parachute Green Drake             Gray Hackle Yellow     Little River Yellow Sally     Holston River Crane Fly   Camp Creek Golden Drake

Carolyns CDC Sparklemist.jpg (104378 bytes)

Tremont HairWing Coachman.jpg (9433 bytes) Brown Stonefly.jpg (94056 bytes) Tan Caddis.jpg (81928 bytes) Drive you crazy midges 003.jpg (114617 bytes)
Carolyn's CDC Sparklemist
(new for 2005)

Tremont HairWing Coachman

Brown Stonefly
(new for 2005)

Tan Caddis
(new for 2005)

Drive you crazy midges (size# 26 Early season Creme Midge imitations)

Creme Midge.jpg (82327 bytes)

Grey Midge.jpg (43135 bytes) Golden Badger Creme Midge.jpg (53986 bytes) Black Stonefly Adult.jpg (48534 bytes) Tiny Coachman.jpg (101721 bytes)

Creme Midge:#26-30
(new for 2005)

Grey Midge:#26-30
(new for 2005)

Golden Badger 
Creme Midge #30 
(new for 2005)

Adult Black Stonefly
(new for 2005)

Tiny Coachman

Clinch River Blackfly October Caddis CDC and Elk.jpg (56669 bytes) CDC White Miller.jpg (64406 bytes) 48 Black Gnat.jpg (81655 bytes)
Clinch River Blackfly October Caddis Olive CDC and Elk CDC White Miller Black Gnat
CDC Sulfur.jpg (76324 bytes) Flying Ant Parachute Ant

CDC Yellow Sally
new for 2005

Flying Ant

Parachute Ant

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